Baby Bunnies

If you see a rabbit’s nest that has been disturbed, do not touch the babies. babybunny_nobk_rescAfter wiping your hands on the grass, carefully replace the fur and other nest material. Place two small pieces of yarn or string which is easier for you to see and preferred or twigs
across the nest in an “X” or other pattern the mother will disturb when she comes back (sprinkling bunnies_0410bflour around the nest will also work – you will see Mom’s footprints if she returns). Stay away until morning.

Mom will only return to the nest at dusk and dawn. If the yarn, string, or twigs (or flour) are not disturbed in 24 hours, or if the babies have been injured or moved from the nest by a cat, dog or lawn mower, bring the babies to Safe Haven right away.


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