How to Rescue a Bird or Mammal

First, wear gloves, if possible – animals may bite or scratch to protect themselves. Also, wild animals commonly have parasites, like fleas, ticks or lice, and can carry disease. To capture a small, immobile bird, approach it slowly with some paper towels or a soft Baby raccoon cloth and gently pick it up. Then, carefully place the bird in your protective container. Approach larger birds and babyother immobile animals with a blanket and gently cover the entire animal to keep it quiet. Carefully lift the creature and place it in a covered protective box or animal carrier. Place the box in a warm, dark, quiet place and keep children and pets away.

Often knowing what NOT to do is just as important as knowing what to do.

Do not handle or bother the creature – stress kills! Wash your hands immediately to prevent the spread of disease or parasites to you or your pets. Don’t give the creature food or water – milk is especially deadly! Get the bird or mammal to Safe Haven as soon as possible. Timing is crucial!

Punch air holes into the top of a cardboard box large enough to hold the creature (but small enough that it cannot run or fly around inside and injure itself even further). Line the bottom of the box with paper towels, a soft cloth or toilet tissue.

Keep orphaned babies and injured animals warm, put a hot water bottle, a plastic soda bottle, or plastic water bottle filled with warm, not hot water and closed tightly to avoid leakage and wrapped in a towel in another part of the box to avoid direct contact with the creature. (You may also use double zip-lock plastic bags filled with warm water and covered with a cloth – use 2 in case one leaks)! Once the creature is in the box, securely tape or rubber band the container shut. Bring the bird or mammal to Safe Haven right away!

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